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Product Design Syllabus [1] Basic concepts of engineering products’ drawings. Softwares’ applications for preparation of drawings, designs and animations. ( 5L)

[2] Creativity , Concept generation – Intuitive / Rational and as per customers choice amongst alternatives. Needs and wants. Products’ specifications and product architecture.

[3] A brief review of engineering materials and their properties. Concepts of tribology – Friction, Wear and Lubrication . (5L) [4] Basic concepts of limits, fits and tolerances in individual components and assemblies. A brief review of process planning, Jigs, Fixtures, manufacturing methods and shop floor practices. Review of drawings and design from industrial and manufacturing aspects. A brief review of quality assessment and control (5L)

[5] Basic concepts of ergonomics and related proportions. Value analysis , cost analysis, market impact and feed back data from market to designer. The product life cycle. Intellectual property rights/ Patent procedures and governments’ support for export/import substitutions.. Important question Chapter Wise:- Click here Witten Notes Please Wait its Loading.........

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