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Unit-I Introduction: Principles and methods of refrigeration, freezing; mixture cooling by gas reversible expansion, throttling, evaporation, Joule Thomson effect and reverse Carnot cycle; unit of refrigeration, coefficient of performance, vortex tube & thermoelectric refrigeration, adiabatic demagnetization; air refrigeration cycles- Joule’s cycle Boot-strap cycle, reduced ambient cycle and regenerative cooling cycles.

Unit-II Vapor compression system: Vapor compression cycle, p-h and t-s diagrams, deviations from theoretical cycle, sub-cooling and super heating, effects of condenser and evaporator pressure on cop; multi-pressure system: removal of flash gas, multiple expansion & compression with flash inter cooling; low temperature refrigeration: production of low temperatures, cascade system, dry ice, production of dry ice, air liquefaction system,.

Unit-III (a) Vapor absorption system: Theoretical and practical systems such as aquaammonia, electrolux & other systems; (b) Steam jet refrigeration: Principles and working, simple cycle of operation, description and working of simple system, (c) refrigerants: nomenclature & classification, desirable properties, common refrigeration, comparative study, leak detection methods, environment friendly refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures, brine and its properties

Unit-IV Psychometric: Calculation of psychometric properties of air by table and charts; psychometric processes: sensible heating and cooling, evaporative cooling, cooling and dehumidification, heating and humidification, mixing of air stream, sensible heat factor; principle of air conditioning, requirements of comfort air conditioning, ventilation standards, infiltrated air load, fresh air load human comfort, effective temperature & chart, heat production & regulation of human body,

Unit-V Air conditioning loads: calculation of summer & winter air conditioning load, bypass factor of coil, calculation of supply air rate & its condition, room sensible heat factor, grand sensible heat factor, effective sensible heat factor, dehumidified air quantity. Problems on cooling load calculation. Air distribution and ventilation systems

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