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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Mechanical engineering Notes PDF

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[1] Maintenance, definition, preventive, corrective, on- line off- line maintenance, window maintenance, emergency, reconditioning, design out maintenance . “ product- item- machine – plant structure characteristics. Design , cost and safety aspects.

[2] Production- maintenance system, Maintenability, Maintenance procedures, guidelines for matching procedures to items, universal maintenance procedures. shutdown programs

[3] Maintenance organization, work load, resource characteristics, administrative structure, work planning, scheduling and control strategy, feed back, combinations of manpower, tools and spares. Documentations. Network planning, computer based management information systems,.

[4] restoration of components, assembly, disassembly bush bearing, housings, Ball and roller bearings, key-splines, couplings shafts- lead screw fittings, clutches- brakes, belt pulley, chain sprocket, guideways, machine hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical works and motors, seals, and packings. Fasteners , welding, machining, repair cycles, repair complexities, maintenance stages. Lubrication, accuracies and technological test charts.

[5] Failure statistics, Failure data, failure patterns/ statistical models, Failure analysis, applications of different models, Depreciation and average machine life. case studies.

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